Legionella Consultancy Services (LCS) specialise in total management of water systems with specific emphasis on managing and controlling any foreseeable risks that may be evident within the day to day workings of your premises. LCS only employ qualified and experienced personnel to carry out any remedial works and/or water system upgrades of which may have been recommended within our Risk Assessments or by any third party.

Our qualified teams work with our clients to ensure that our recommendations are aligned to strategic schedules and specified budgets as well as realistic time scales. This approach ensures that any major works will be prioritised allowing for any urgent actions to be taken at the earliest opportunity with a time led structure to ensure that additional tasks are prioritised accordingly.


Typical upgrade / remedial works which are commonly undertaken are:

  • Replacement of Cold Water Storage Tanks (CWST’s)
  • Insulation of system pipe work and plant equipment
  • Tank replacement or upgrade to existing cold water tanks to meet Water Supply Regulations as follows:
    • Installation of CWST Rodent/Insect Screens
    • CWST Air Vents
    • CWST Lids
    • CWST Re-lining and Coating
  • Removal of existing pipe work dead legs or infrequently used outlets and equipment
  • Water system conversion or system re-design

Our Approach

At LCS our approach to general water quality is developed by our team of fully trained consultants and technicians who specialise in all fields including the control of Legionella bacteria in water systems. LCS use UKAS accredited laboratories to process all water analysis.

Packages and Partnerships

Our full water hygiene packages reduce costs by allowing multiple tasks to be completed by our highly skilled personnel.

We pride ourselves on our ‘working in partnership’ philosophy to ensure that we always serve our clients best interests and consult in a manner that is easily understood ensuring that we provide the highest quality of service at all times. Risks associated with engineered water systems are becoming all the more apparent as regularly reported within the media. LCS provide a total water hygiene management package to allow our clients the peace of mind that the water systems are being maintained in the most appropriate and fully compliant way in accordance with all relevant legislation, protecting your staff, brand and reputation.

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